Wolverhampton Top Lock 1,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


Wolverhampton Top Lock 1,000pc

A feast of bricks! There is plenty of variation in the texture and colours to give clues, but this is still a puzzle that will tax the dedicated puzzler.

This image has been chosen to provide a good challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.

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Wolverhampton Top Lock 1,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Top quality printed precision cut 1,000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle. One of an original collection of photographs not available on the High Street. These sturdy puzzles will give hours of pleasure.

The finished puzzle can either be put away for another time, or can be pasted onto a board to create a unique wall art!

Puzzle size:

19″ x 27″ (68cm x 68cm)
1,000 pieces

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Additional information

Weight 735 kg
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 4 cm


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